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            Molecular Formula:C3H7NO2
            Molecular Weight:89.09
            Standard:industrial grade
            Quality standard:Corporation standard
            Structural Formula:


            Assay% ??≥98.5?
            Specific Rotation [α]D20 ??+14.3°~+15.2°
            PH ??5.7—6.7
            Loss on drying% ??≤0.20
            Heavy Metals(Pb)ppm?? ??≤20
            Chloride(CL-)% ??≤0.03
            Iron(Fe)ppm ??≤10
            Sulfate(SO42-) ??≤0.03

              Function:Alanine for industry is mainly used as the raw material of alanine for medicine and vitamin B6 in industry
              Package:25KG cardboard barrel within liner ,or 25KG knitting bag plastic liner ,it also can be determined according to customer’s requirement
              Storage:Keeping in a well-closed ,light-resistant,dry and cool place.

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