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            Molecular Formula:C3H7NO2
            Molecular Weight:89.09
            Quality standard:AJ192 、USP24、FCCIV
            Structural Formula:
            Item Standard
            Assay% ??98.5~101.0?
            Transmittance% ??≥98.0
            Specific rotation[α]D20 ??+14.3°~+15.2°
            PH ??5.7~6.7
            Loss on drying% ??≤0.20
            Residue on ignition% ??≤0.10
            Chloride[Cl-] % ??≤0.02
            Sulfate[SO42-]% ??≤0.02
            Arsenic[As]ppm ??≤1
            Heavy? Metals[Pb]ppm ??≤10
            Iron[Fe]ppm ??≤10
            Ammonium salt[NH4+]% ??≤0.02
            Other amino acids ??None

              Function:L-alanine is the main raw material of composing the medicine such as amino acid injection fluid and orallytaken fluid in medicine industry.And it is main raw material of drinks ,food,vintaging ,seasoning ,oil,salted and dried food ,pickles additive in food industry ,having the effect of antisepsis and keeping fresh.
              Package:25KGcardboard barrel within liner,or 25KG knitting bag plastic liner,it also can be determined according to customer’s requirement.
              Storage:Keeping in a well-closed ,light-resistant,dry and cool place.

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