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            Our Values


            We are committed to basing our management on the human-oriented principle and delivering maximum value to our employees. Each employee helps lead to our success in the industry, and we strive for development of both our people and our company.


            Adhere to the scientific development view and the sustainable development path, to realize the economic benefits and environmental benefits of social benefit in harmony. Our people are responsible for the consumers, the Company and themselves, and they create value for the society through their excellent work.


            We have always pursued excellence based on the principle of integrity and conformance to ethnical values. We strive to achieve maximum value while being mindful of our overall responsibility, with our people observing professional ethics with sense of honor.


            We are continuously working hard to improve our products and services through the establishment of a research system and the adoption of new concepts, new measures and new technologies - thus moving swiftly towards our goal of becoming a world-class energy company.

            Adress:Langao Industrial park,Longkoucity,Shandong Province. Tel:0535-8635386、8635456、8635379 Fax:0535-8635136 E-mail:admin@hybioengineering.com
            Yantai hengyuan bioengineering Co., Ltd
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